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Cybersecurity Services

We offer Cybersecurity Services around Web and Cloud based Applications

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Look through the services we can offer below. If you do not see a service you need, reach out to us and ask about it. We can give you a custom quote and explanation of what we can do to help!

We offer Web Application Penetration Testing Services through Webcheck Security.  We can thoroughly check for any vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or gaps that may exist in both the front end and the back ends.  In fact, we’ve written and published a book on Web Application Security, entitled “Testing and Securing Web Applications”.  So, this is one of our main specialties!

Read more on our BROCHURE.

We offer a Quarterly Cloud Security Review through Webcheck Security.  For example, many enterprises small and large make assumptions about AWS, Azure, and other public and private cloud services. Our certified cloud engineers will review cloud configurations on a quarterly basis to advise, recommend, and verify.

We also offer a Small Business Scan Assessment, which consists of the following:

  • External scan up to 6 IP addresses to look for vulnerabilities Which may be exploitable by an attacker.

Access to a self-service portal allowing business to edit, change, and run scans at will.

  • Scans automatically scheduled quarterly, and service lasts for a year.
  • Cost: $500 up to 6 IP addresses (external only).

For a sample report of what you can get from this scan, click HERE.

Finally, most organizations, even those with up to one or two billion in revenue, haven’t budgeted for a Chief Information Security Officer or CISO. The Webcheck FISO service provides a $300,000/year resource at just $250/hour for 5 to 20 hours per month, on a year-to-year basis. An experienced, certified security practitioner with more than a decade of cyber security experience will be assigned to your company to provide strategic, prioritized monthly advisement and governance.

Hours may be used for:

  • Policy review and creation
  • Incident Response policy
  • Table Top exercises
  • Security reviews
  • Compliance and governance strategy

Don’t leave cloud security to chance!!! Contact us to set up a call to discuss your unique cloud environment, Web Pen Testing, and FISO needs as well as for pricing.

We are your one stop Microsoft shop for all of your needs, through KAMIND IT, Inc.  We offer services ranging from O365 to Dynamics to Exchange to Power BI to Sharepoint to Azure, and even more.

We also offer Power BI. This is a pure Microsoft platform which allows you to create customized dashboards and views in order to get a quick glimpse of all of your datasets, no matter how large or how small.

Power BI from Microsoft gives much more advanced insights about your data . Also, it’s cost effective & result driven. The market needs are unstoppable. In order to take proper decisions by board members, to analyze the market, to analyze the buyer  trends or to analyze business process at an optimum level, a business has to use Power BI.

To view a brochure on Power BI, click HERE.

To view a presentation on Power BI, click HERE.

To view a brochure on KAMIND IT, click HERE.

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Cyber breaches are a frequent news headlines, but the cybersecurity field is facing a growing skills gap. Over 3.5M unfilled security jobs are predicted globally by 2021 – putting data, people, and corporate reputations at risk. Project Ares is an award-winning, gamified learning and assessment platform that helps cyber professionals of all levels build new skills and stay up to speed on the latest tactics.

Engaged Learning: Through game features like building experience points and earning skill badges, users are motivated to progress and learning retention increases.

AI augmentation: Imbedded machine learning technology provides contextual assistance, learning checks, and an in-game automated adversary to help augment instruction and level-up challenges.

With Project Ares, CISOs and CIOs can improve cyber preparedness by upskilling their cyber teams.

Human Resources can utilize the platform as an assessment tool to make more accurate IT hiring decisions.

Delivers Unique Value:

  • Compelling back stories gamify cyber defense learning
  • High-fidelity learning using functional virtual machines
  • AI-powered advisor provides in-mission support
  • Support for Windows, Linux and Industrial Control System devices
  • Trainer view allows for real-time spectator or instructor engagement

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective and persistent
  • Increased learner retention
  • Improved job performance
  • Assess prospective employees
  • Upskill existing employees
  • Trainer view supports skills assessment
  • State of The Art Capabilities

Cybersecurity teams require real-time opportunities to practice skills and hone tactics. Project Ares is designed to appeal to the learning style of the next generation. Users can quickly and easily add new missions to address rapidly changing threats, tactics, and tools.

To view access a checklist to see you Cyber ready your organization, click HERE. 

To view a Gamification Fact Sheet, click HERE. 

To view a Gamification Infographic, click HERE.

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